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The EASYkleen Pro S-15 is the latest development in the EASYkleen line. This mobile unit has the ability to work effectively off 110 vac or 240 vac power input and provides the user with a power control dial from 30-130 amps DC.

Highly mobile and low maintenance, this unit excels on large jobs with thicker gauge steel. With the user adjustable power control feature this unit can also be used on smaller thin gauge jobs just as easily.

The mepBLITz "DC-i5" is the latest model of heavy duty mobile electropolisher in the mepBLITz range.

The mepBLITz DC-i5 is the leading design of electropolishing units currently available. This mobile and highly reliable electropolisher has proven results in terms of its speed and finish, while providing a safe and cost effective method for stainless steel weld cleaning.

It's “Patented Inverter Technology” allows it to deliver up to 150 amps

of cleaning speed and by far the fastest machine worldwide.

The mepBLITz  DC-i5 is also the first machine of its kind to have an optional bath add on. The bath is liquid cooled and holds 10 gals/40 litres of polishing solution. No more sending those small items off to be electropolished and having to wait to get them back, not to mention the cost involved.

Proudly made in all stainless steel construction and only weighing 22 lbs/10 kgs dry, less than half the weight of its predecessor. Most machines on the market can only polish at a speed of 15 to 35 amps compared with the blistering speed of the new DC-i5 ... delivering a powerful 30 to 150 amps DC

If you want the best in quality finish and speed ... then you need the new DC-i5.

This unbelievably fast, electrochemical weld cleaning brush cleans welds in seconds and restores the chromium which is depleted when welding stainless steel. Fabricators no longer need highly toxic pickling paste.

The wave form of the DC not only improves the speed of the weld clean but the DC current delivers a more reflective finish and reduces the weld contamination risk of an AC current used on more traditional electrochemical machines. Furthermore the EASYkleen Plus Brush can deliver more amperes and voltage on its

DC current output which results in twice the cleaning speed of other brush dipping conductive cleaning systems.

The unique high power 30 to 80 amps DC, positive fluctuating wave avoids the contamination risk and dull etched finish that low technology cheap alternating current machines present.

The top of the line unit in our EASYkleen range.

This is a dual voltage 110 or 220 vac unit which also has the advantage of an adjustable DC output control enabling the operator to cover all bases from the thinnest gauge material up to heavy plate.

On heavier gauge material, the 15-40 brush option is what sets this unit apart from all other “dipping” units on the market.

The EASYkleen TEC is the base model in the EASYkleen range.    [EKT-101W]

This economical unit is designed for light to medium use.  Ligh
tweight and highly portable, the TEC is a great unit for the fabricator who mostly does light gauge (1-3mm) TIG work.

With a range of brushes to cover all types of weld geometry, and with 30 to 60 amps DC of available output power, the EASYkleen TEC is a very cost effective unit whilst still providing the benefits of the electro-polishing process.

One of our most popular EASYkleen units. Ideal for TIG, MIG & stick welds a with a range of four brush styles, the EASYkleen PLUS BRUSH is highly adaptable while being extremely portable for on-site work.

The solution to labor intense, costly and dangerous post weld finishing and weld clean with pickling paste is the more powerful and faster EASYKleen PLUS Brush.

4 Models To Choose From
Light Duty .... to Heavy Industrial Polishing

The Mark 1 is an optional Etching and Plating system that attaches to any of the EASYkleen machines. 

This system is unique compared with that of our competitors. The two things that set this system apart are the ability to plate as well as etch, while having an optional stenciling system, where the user can easily print out simple stencils for things such as serial numbers or coding.