“The TIG CHAMP BRUSH DC Plus did a fantastic job on the massive pipe work job we just completed. It was really simple to use and self explanatory making it time and cost efficient for multiple users. Avoiding pickling paste and EPA restrictions and difficulties was a great benefit and the personal safety advantages are very important given our OH&S philosophy.”

– George Stolarczyk, Fabrication Supervisor. MEC Mechanical Engineering Corporation/Eliott Group.

“Heat and Control is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Food Processing and Packaging Equipment. We are committed to a safe production environment which is why the mepBLITz is a valuable addition to our delivery of quality and safety. Using the mepBLITz reduces our post weld finishing time, which in turn helps to reduce the costs of producing a quality product that is known all around the world.”

– Scott Keynes. Workshop Technical Support. Heat and Control Pty Ltd.

“WE ARE USING THE mepBLITz Solution fed brush every day and are very happy with it. The machine has more than enough power to clean the stainless steel products that we make.  Weld clean up time has been greatly reduced and has become indespensible to us. It is a great machine and one of the best time investments we have made.”

– Adrian Kairn, Strathfieldsaye Engineering

“We have been using the mepBLITz mobile electro-polisher constantly at the Wallerawang power station. Its safety is a great advantage but this is complimented by the effective job it does on the pipe work being installed so we get a double benefit. Being able to work on hot welds means we can work quickly which adds to the cost benefits. Our welding inspectors are very impressed with the results.”

– George Nassif, IHI Engineering Australia

(involvement in the design, manufacture and construction of Power and Chemical Plants, Heavy Industrial)

“Pryde Fabrications used the Mep BLITz on a massive job at the Brisbane Airport and  it was great to be able to get a better job and better safety with the non toxic polishing solution.”

– Pryde Fabrication

“The mepBLITz solution fed brush allowed us the clean a massive council stainless steel job in 6 hrs which previously took 2 days. I was amazed at how simple to use and fast it is. Stainless steel jobs just got a whole lot easier.”

– Laurie Buckle, Black Swan Steel


“We have been using the mep BLITZ on a regular basis now and finding the mep BLITz very impressive in its speed for post weld finishing of stainless steel and to have electropolished welds is a great step forward to improve corrosion resistance. Pickling pastes utilise Hydrofluoric Acid is a highly hazardous material requiring rigorous OH&S procedures in its application and subsequent disposal which add hugely to the cost of work. Our client is impressed with the finished product and the ‘user friendly’ aspect of the mepBLITZ as HF Pickling paste is no longer a substance that can be used on our site”.

– Michael Spinks, Orica Services Group Superintendent,  Downer EDI Engineering


Tel: 702-525-7120 

Las Vegas, Nevada


The TIG CHAMP BRUSH DC Plus saves so much time it’s hard to believe. It’s quick and easy to use so we will never need to use pickling paste again. How good is that!”

– Steve Forsterling, Ambafab Engineering


“The mepBLITz Solution Fed Brush is well suited to the electro-polishing needs of the very precisely engineered and fabricated stainless steel piece as the environment in which it operates is highly corrosive and the Defence Force who is the customer sets clear specifications. Its speed and ease of use make the brush a great asset.”

– Ian Makings, Ben Wye Engineering


“We are doing a huge volume of stainless pipe work for the Port Kembla’s new coke line and the mepBLITz has been a great asset because it’s faster than pickling. It’s fantastic on TIG welds and works well on stick and MIG. On welds of only 30 degrees it works even faster. It’s also cleaner and safer than pickling. It’s easy to use with a little common sense and following the hints in the manual. We are keen to get another machine now it’s passed the test.”– Hayco, Five Islands Road






” Very impressed with the TIG BRUSH CHAMP DC PLUS and the quality finish. I wasn’t expecting so much speed… finished early at MARS Pet Food and made it to cricket. It was easy to use. “

– Adam Klower, AOK Metal Fabrication




The TIG CHAMP BRUSH DC Plus is fantastic to take on site or use in the workshop and it gets weld cleaning jobs done so simply. We do a lot of work that  goes in seaside environments so it’s great not to have to worry about  future tea stain problems.
– Joey Cronin, Weldcro Fabrication

“The mepBLITz compliments our business’s focus on quality because we can now electro polish our welds to a mirror finish in the work shop. The speed and safety are fantastic added bonuses.”

– Justin (Owner), EuroFlo

“This particular passivation job at the Sydney Desalination Plant could not have been achieved safely with pickling paste due to the area the job was located in.”

– Danny Garato,  Operations & HSE Manager, Remac Fire Safety

It is with pleasure that I can supply a testimonial for the “mep BLITz electropolisher”. The mep BLITz electropolisher is the best method I have seen for the removal of the high temperature oxide produced as a result of arc welding stainless steel.

Not only is it safe, it is also rapid and convenient, providing the stainless steel fabrication industry a vastly superior alternative to the traditional pickling and passivation methods or the mechanical removal by linishing. Traditional pickling pastes utilize Hydrofluoric Acid which is a particularly hazardous material requiring rigorous adherence to OH&S procedures in its application and subsequent disposal.

Mechanical Linishing is a time consuming and laborious activity. The mep BLITz electropolisher has potential to revolutionize the cleaning of stainless steel which could well result in tremendous cost savings and environmental benefits across the whole stainless steel industry.

– Benjamin Gross , Research and Technology Manager, Welding Technology Institute of Australia